Who is <tc>Scrusciu du Mari</tc>

Scrusciu du mari was created by Matteo Marsala, an automation engineer who, tired of such a logical and rational world, decided he wanted to create "a corner of the sea" at home. An angle that would teleport his mind to his beach. In Ribera. At home.
But Matteo had clear ideas about his future since he was a child: "I want to be an engineer," he said.

All the fault of the cartoons about robots that transformed into anything. He was struck by it. So he had set up all his studies to succeed in the enterprise. A feat that materializes in 2012 at the University of Bologna, with a final grade of 110/110 cum laude.
It would seem a destiny that has already been written. One of those linear lives without too many surprises. And perhaps this is what made Matthew restless.
he begins to feel crushed by that world so square, he needs an outlet valve. Thus he embarks on new adventures, new passions. He begins to travel the world, to photograph him, he is passionate about the creation of jams, liqueurs and above all the creation of furniture for his home. The excuse comes from an empty apartment and the desire to have a unique decor. He starts with pallets and wooden boxes and slowly furnishes the whole house. Thus he will start a path that will lead him to create Scrusciu du mari .

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