• How are they shipped?

    For each shipment, a wooden box is created which will serve to ensure that the object arrives without damage. If you have any doubts, write to us.

  • Where are they shipped?

    We ship all over the world. Except for countries where the introduction of non-fumigated wood is prohibited.

  • What happens if the item arrives damaged?

    If the item arrives damaged, contact us and we will find a solution to repair it or give you a refund

  • Can I cancel an order that has already been placed?

    Once the order has been placed, you have two days to cancel it without any problems.

  • Can I return a purchased item?

    If you want to return the item once it has arrived at its destination, you can send it back to Scrusciu du mari at your own expense, using the same box, and you will be credited with the amount spent for the purchase (shipping cost excluded).

  • What do I find inside the package?

    Inside the package you will find, in addition to the purchased item, an instruction manual, a parchment that tells the story of the trunk and everything needed for its assembly.

  • Has the wood been treated?

    No, each log is not treated as we want to preserve its natural appearance. They are carefully chosen to be long-lasting and insect-free.

  • How do you install a library?

    To install our bookcases you need a drill with a drill bit of the right size. In fact, inside the package you will find both the description on how to make holes in the wall, devices to facilitate the operation and the dowels to install the bookcase.

  • Can you change the light bulbs in the sand balls?

    All our lamps are created to be able to replace the bulb inside.