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Exactly, this is a blog that doesn't talk about the objects of Scrusciu du mari .

Here you will find my other two great passions: travelling and photographing, combined with something I've always hated: writing. In short, certainly not a great premise!

But the desire to show you and let you know my adventures is irrepressible and therefore I just have to indulge my impulse and tell you everything, or almost everything, about my travels.

But to help you better understand what my stories will be like, I want to tell you about my relationship with time. In fact, as in all important things in my life, I started late. Not because I didn't like it before (who doesn't like it?), but simply because I didn't understand how simple traveling can be. Sometimes we create so many problems within ourselves and then we give up on leaving. Instead it should be a much more instinctive thing. Like when, at trade fairs, you first become scrupulous about taking a pen as a gadget and, once you discover that you can take as many as you like, you find yourself with a bag full of pens, USB sticks and notebooks, like a newsstand. And so I found myself with my pockets full of tickets planes and my Olympus OMDE 5 attached to my hand.

rainbow mountain

Crowding in the Rainbow Mountains in Peru

But my problem with time doesn't stop there. There's one thing I've never been able to change about my character. To wait until the last moment to get things done. Yes. I am a chronic latecomer . What you see at the station, at the airport, at the port, running, nervous, out of breath.

It is the most dramatic part of the journeys. Timetables to be respected, especially in departures. How dramatic those moments: shots, runs, improvised choices, entrusted to instinct, to Karma, to the certainty that everything will go well. Because until now I haven't missed a plane yet.

Yes, my travels always start out stressful. But the beauty is there. Boarding a plane, dripping with sweat, still in disbelief but extraordinarily happy. Because in the end, this time too, as always, you made it. Fuck you, but you did it. And like every time I think about why I always find myself in these situations.

I have never been able to give myself an explanation to this fundamental question of the universe. But I know only one thing: every time I always increase the level of challenging the destiny. Like that time in Sao Miguel, in the Azores, where, due to not having heard the alarm clock, I got up an hour before the flight departed. Yes, 60 minutes before departure, 30 minutes before gate closing, 15 minutes before handing over the car to the rental company. Already. I was fucked.

So the first idea was to throw myself back in bed, to sleep. The second one was more imaginative. I thought that maybe, maybe by mistake, if something unexpected happens, if the world falls, maybe I can make it!

So I get up, 06:05, get dressed, take my backpack, get to the car and speed towards the airport. 06:10. I realize that I have to fill up with petrol if I don't want to pay the penalty, so I find a petrol station, I stop but the card doesn't work, 06:25, I set off again without adding fuel, I insult myself, I run, I arrive at the airport, I run to the desk of the "ILHA VERDE Rent a car", I explain the situation, I pay the fuel penalty, 70 euros, I run, 06:35, I run, I find a queue for the security checks, I bypass someone, I explain my situation again, I arrive at checks, 06:41, passed, I go to the gate, run, run, 06:50, arrive at the gate. Breath. I smile.

I told you I've never missed a plane.

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